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Public Affairs and Advocacy: Transportation and Public Health

The transportation, public health and equity intern gets a unique opportunity to support diverse tasks and gain professional skills. The selected intern will work under APHA's transportation, health and equity program, housed under the public affairs and advocacy branch of APHA. Responsibilities may include documenting and developing case studies, general research and writing assignments, support for program-related events, such as webinars, and other duties as assigned. Duties also may include attending meetings and capturing minutes, as well as attending seminars that address specific challenges of public health in transportation.

Knowledge of several fields in both transportation and public health will be helpful for this internship. Specific topics where demonstrated familiarity is encouraged include active transportation, roadway safety, chronic disease (such as obesity, cancer, etc.), transportation programs and policies, environmental justice and equity. This is an opportunity to work in a positive, professional and dynamic environment and to gain confidence and develop management skills in the workplace.

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