Sleep Health & Safety 2010

Start Date: 03/05/2010
Start Time: 08:30 AM
End Date: 03/06/2010
End Time: 04:30 PM
Location: Gaylord Hotel & Convention Center
City: National Harbor
State/Province: MD
Event Type: Seminar

Sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation, Sleep Health & Safety 2010 will examine sleep from a clinical and public health perspective. Gregory Belenky will chair the "Public Health & Safety" portion of the program. Topics will include:
- New data on the epidemiology of sleep and sleep disorders
- Public health and public policy issues related to sleep and alertness
- Joint sessions on sleep apnea and the public impact of sleep and sleepiness
- Adolescent school start times—driving performance, athletic performance, learning and development
- Drowsy driving legislation & state physician reporting requirements
- Sleep disorders and medical certification of transportation operators (FAA, FMCSA, FRA)
- Alertness monitoring technology and drowsy driving countermeasures

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Contact Phone: (202) 347-3471 x.211
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