Nancy Shapiro, MA, RN

Ex-Officio Member

CoA Chair


Appointed November 2013

Term Ending: November 2014

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Nancy Shapiro 

Nancy is currently the assistant health commissioner for the Delaware General Health District located in Central Ohio. During her over 30 year tenure in public health, she has directed public health and clinical staff in creating and operating prenatal, child health, family planning, WIC and dental clinics; and has administered public health nursing, nutrition, health education, preparedness, communicable disease control and chronic disease prevention programming. Since 2008, Nancy has directed the Health District’s Assessment, Planning and Education Division, which includes the agency’s accreditation activities, personal and environmental health assessment processes (MAPP and PACE-EH), community mobilization, health promotion, preparedness and communications.

Nancy has served as the Ohio Public Health Association Nursing Director’s Section Chair, Governing Councilor At-Large, president-elect, president (2004-2005), past president and Affiliate Representative to Governing Council (2006-2013).  She has been an active participant in APHA Region 5 Coalition activities (Great Lakes Coalition), representing Ohio; including the group coordinating the activities of the APHA ACBI (Kellogg) grant received by Region 5, designed to build infrastructure within all six Great Lake states. During this time, Nancy served on the Executive Board and Governing Council of OPHA, which now employs two part time employees and has grown membership to almost 600 public health professionals throughout Ohio.

In 2012, Nancy was appointed to the Ohio Legislative Committee on the Future of Public Health representing OPHA and has provided testimony to both the Ohio Senate and the House of Representatives on issues related to public health initiatives including tobacco, the Ohio Public Health Council and the public health workforce. She has currently been appointed to one of the committees created as a result of her work on the Ohio Public Health Futures Committee and the legislative report, designed to create opportunities for reorganization of public health jurisdictions within Ohio. Locally, she serves as facilitator for the Go Healthy Delaware County coalition and the Delaware County Hunger Alliance and is working to administer several initiatives designed to improve opportunities for active transportation within the community including Safe Routes to Schools the Delaware City and Olentangy school districts and implementation of the area’s first Health Impact Assessment. 

Nancy was selected as the Region 5 representative to the APHA Council of Affiliates in 2009, was elected CoA secretary in 2011 and chair-elect in 2012.  She currently serves as chair of the CoA and also serves on the APHA Joint Dues Committee.