Amy Ferketich, PhD

Ex-Officio  Member

Action Board Chair


Appointed November 2013

Term Ending:  November 2014

Amy FerketichDr. Ferketich has been on the faculty in the College of Public Health at The Ohio State University (OSU) since 2003. She received a PhD in Public Health with a specialization in Epidemiology and a Master’s in Applied Statistics from The Ohio State University. She teaches the core class in Epidemiology to MPH students and Epidemiology III, which is a class on the analysis and interpretation of observational data. Her administrative and service roles at OSU include serving as the Undergraduate Studies Chair, Co-Director of the Public Health Honors Program, a member of the admissions committee in the Division of Epidemiology, a member of the Graduate Council (an advisory group to the Graduate School at OSU), and a member of the Graduate School Awards Committee. Her research interests are in tobacco control, with specific projects focusing on delivering smoking cessation programs to low-income adults and understanding patterns of tobacco initiation among youth. Within APHA, Dr. Ferketich has served as the Chair of the Applied Public Health Statistics Section (APHS), a Governing Council representative, member and current Chair of the Action Board and member and current Co-Chair of the Joint Policy Committee. In her spare time, she enjoys being physically active and cooking. She also volunteers at a local hospice organization and at a local humane society.