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APHA Presidential Citation

2012    President Barack Obama
2011    Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, MBA
2010    Robert Garcia, JD
2009    Alexander Gatherer, MD, FFPH, FRSPH
2008    Wellstone Action!
2007    National WIC Association
2006    Gay and Lesbian Medical Association
2005    National Association of Community Health Centers
2004    Doctors Without Borders
2003    Diana M. Bonta, RN, DrPH, Director, 
               California Department of Health Services
2002    William H. Foego, MD, MPH, Distinguished Professor,
               Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University
2001    Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
2000    Donna E. Shalala, Secretary, Department of Health
               and Human Services
1999    Frank Speizer, MD, Edward H. Kass Professor of Medicine,
               Channing Laboratory
1998    Ralph Nader, Consumer Advocate
1997    Nelson Mandela, President of South America
1996    Laurie Garrett, Health and Science Writer for Newsday
               and New York Newsday
1995    Byllye Y. Avery, MEd, President of the National Black
               Women's Health Project
1994    Rhoda Karpatkin, President of Consumers Union 
               of U.S., Inc.
1993    Frances Fox Piven, PhD, The Graduate School
               and Unviersity Center for the City University of 
               New York PHD Program in Political Science
1992    John W. Gardner, PhD, Stanford University, 
               Graduate School of Business
1990    Peggy Charren, President, Action for Children's Television
1989    Studs L. Terkel, Author and Social Commentator
1988    Louis Stokes, Member of Congress, 21st Congressional
               District of Ohio
1987    Wilbur J. Cohen, Professor of Public Affairs, University
               of Texas and former Secretary of Health, Education
               and Welfare Architect
of Social Security
1985    James P. Grant, JD, Executive Director, UNICEF
1983    Anthony Mazzocchi, Director of Workers Policy Project,
               Institute for Labor, Education and Research
1982    Margaret E. Kuhn, Founder, Gray Panthers, National
               Advocate for American Senior Citizens
1981    Bill Mauldin, Chicago Sun Times, pen-and-ink
               Commentator on the social and political scence, 
               Editorial Cartoonist
1980    Rosa Parks, Civic Rights Leader and Principal in the
               successful peaceful bus boycott by Blacks in
               Montgomery, Alabama
1979    Marian Wright Edelman, LLB, Founder and President,
               Children's Defense Fund
1978    Rosalynn Carter, First Lady and Honorary Chairperson,
               President's Commission on Mental Health
1977    John J. Hanlon, MD, MPH, former Surgeon General,
               U.S. Public Health Service, Department of Health
               Education and Welfare
1976    Russell E. Train, Director, U.S. Environmental
               Protection Agency
1975    Betty Friedan, Women's Rights Advocate and Founder
               of the National Organization for Women and
               Eula Hall, Director, Mud Creek Health Project,
1974    The Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Founder and President of
               Operation P.U.S.H. (People United to Save Humanity)
1973    The Honorable Paul G. Rogers, D-FL, 
                House of Representatives
1972    The Honorable Lister Hill, D-AL, Sponsor or Co-sponsor 
                of are far-reaching health legislation, including the
                Hill-Burton Hospital Funding Act
1971    William D. Ruckelshaus, Administrator, U.S.
                Environmental Protection Agency
1969    Isidore E. Buff, MD, Donald L. Rasmussen, MD, 
                Hawey A. Wells, Jr., MD, Lorin E. Kerr, MD, 
                Leaders in the fight against "Black Lung"
1968    The Honorable Melvin R. Laird, R-WI, Member,
                House Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee
                on Labor, Health, Education and Welfare, 
                U.S. House of Representatives
1967    Robert M. Nash, Director, Office of Equal Health
                Opportunity, U.S. Public Health Service
1966    Emory W. Morris, DDS, President, W.K. Kellogg
1965    John Charles Daly, Reporter and Television Personality
                crew in water pollution control activities
1964    The families of public health workers everywhere
                accepted by Barbara James, daughter of
                Health Commissioner Georges James 
                of New York City
1963    Representative Oren Harris, D-AR, Author or Co-author
                of many pub lic health and medical program bills,
                U.S. House of Representatives
1962    J. George Harrar, President, Rockefeller Foundation
1961    Anne F. Rogers, (Mrs. C.E.A. Winslow), Member, Citizen
                Board of Directors, New Haven, Connecticut
                Visiting Nurse Association
1959    Mary Woodward Lasker, President, Albert and Mary
                Lasker Foundation
1957    Representative John E. Fogarty, D-RI, Active in health
                legislation for 11 years, U.S. House of