2013 Mortimer Spiegelman Award

The Spiegelman Award has been presented annually since 1970 to a statistician under age 40 who has made outstanding contributions to public health statistics.  The distinction associated with the Award has increased over time with the extraordinary continuing accomplishments of its recipients. 

The award is named after Mortimer Spiegelman (1901-1969), an actuary, biostatistician, and demographer who made exceptional contributions to public health. The award was instituted by his sisters Anna and Julia following his death in 1970. Continuation of the award today is supported by contribution from supporters of the Applied Public Health Statistics section and in particular by a generous donation by Professor Gary Kock of the University of North Carolina, the 5th recipient of the award.

The award serves three purposes:


        To honor the outstanding achievements of the recipient and Mortimer Spiegelman.

        To encourage further involvement in public health of the finest young statisticians.

        To increase awareness of APHA and the Applied Public Health Statistics Section in the academic statistical community.


The 2013 Spiegelman Award was presented to Debashis Ghosh, PhD, Professor of Statistics at The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State). Prior to joining Penn State, Prof. Ghosh was a tenured Associate Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Michigan. He has received numerous awards and honors, and has a tremendously impressive publication record and has served our profession in many ways, including being associate editor of many journals and is incoming chair of the BMRD review panel of NIH.

His major research interest is in the analysis of data from ``-omics'' platforms, specifically in thinking about how to combine and integrate information generated across multiple platforms. These applications drive his methodological interests, which fall generally into the areas of multiple testing and data mining.