Aaron Guest

Involvement in APHA-SA:Membership Committee (2013 - Present), Diversity Committee Co-Chair (2013)


University of South Carolina


Health Promotion, Education, Behavior; Social Work


Degree Program:

MPH in health promotion, education, behavior; MSW in community and organizations; Certificates in health communication & gerontology


Practice/Research Interests:

Healthy aging; gerontology; health communication; dissemination techniques; community and organizational development; advocacy; health literacy; HIV/AIDS; LGBT health; health disparities; policy development and implementation


Other Leadership Activities:

PHEHP Student Engagement Work Group (2013-); Social Work Student Association (2012-), Phi Alpha National Honor Society (2012-), NASW-SC MSW Student Representative (2012-), NASW-SC Membership Recruitment & Retention Chair (2013); NASW-SC Government Affairs Committee (2012-); Harriet Hancock Center Advisory Board (2011-)


Plans after school: 

I hope to continue on after I complete my master level studies to complete a PhD focused on communication and the aging and elderly population. I am particularly interested in topics of health literacy, health disparities and health outcomes within this population.


Personal Statement about APHA-SA: 

The APHA-SA is where I first found my voice within public health. As a student across multiple disciplines it was very easy to get lost in the movement of it all, but through the APHA-SA I become actively engaged within my profession and was able to network and meet wonderful colleagues and friends. It was also through the APHA-SA I was able to become more actively engaged within APHA and to become involved in my sections on a much deeper and involved level. The APHA-SA provided me an opportunity to become involved in APHA and the profession and served as a great introduction to the field and the profession.