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The Path to the New Public Health

Closing General Session 3004.0
Thursday, June 28 - 10:30AM-12:00PM

This panel will highlight three unique perspectives who will discuss how the new public health demands are escalating while traditional responsibilities remain, and will touch upon the increasing challenge that the public health system must learn to “do more with less”. Current health policy presents a unique opportunity for public health, and there is now a need for a learning public health system, which seeks to generate new knowledge and move that knowledge into action. This panel will urge the public health system to participate in the knowledge generation process including designing research questions, participating in the research, and disseminating proven results.

Moderator - Lisa Simpson MB, BCh, MPH
President and CEO

Cara McNulty, MS
Senior Group Manager
Target Corporation

Lydia Ogden, PhD, MPP, MA
Director, Health Reform Strategy, Policy and Coordination Office,
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Joseph Thompson, MD
Arkansas Center for Health Improvement
Surgeon General, State of Arkansas

The second part of the closing session will consist of a presentation by Dr. James Hill.  As the Executive Director of the Colorado Center for Health and Wellness and a Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at University of Colorado School of Medicine, he understands and is putting into practice the idea that changes in a community which support small, sustained behavior changes can lead to measurably improved health, lower medical costs, and better quality of life.   In the entire country, there is no other example of a center that’s focused on living to maximize your health like the Anschutz Health & Wellness Building, where every space can be used for research, education, optimizing human performance, connective wellness and community programs. Dr. Hill will discuss the Path to the New Public Health and will focus on what a future public health system could look like and what his experience in creating the Center taught him about what it will take to achieve a public health system that takes the best of what we do now and rewires it to create healthy communities.

James Hill, PhD
Executive Director
Anschutz Health and Wellness Center
Professor, University of Colorado