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Technological Strategies to Advance Public Health

Breakout Sessions 2003.0 & 2008.0
Wednesday, June 27 - 10:30AM -12:30PM
A repeat of this session will be offered from 3:00PM-5:00PM

Public health practitioners have to work smarter and more efficiently in order to keep pace with the external environment in which it exists. The health-related market has moved beyond concepts of hardware and software to considerations of linking health records; sharing health data in a real-time environment; health education; and deploying distance learning and telecommuting methods to reach previously under-served populations. This session will focus on the trends in the use of information technology in health systems and the potential application of those trends to the public health environment. Technologies such as tele-prevention; distance learning and public health informatics will be discussed.

Presenter Information

Moderator - David Ross, ScD
Public Health Informatics Institute

Steve Cline, DDS, MPH
Assistant Secretary of the Office of Health Information Technology
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Nedra Garrett, MS
Office of Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Dan Jensen, MPH
Associate Director
Olmsted County Public Health Services