Best of Partners: Reconnecting public health and clinical care

Breakout Sessions 2002.0 & 2007.0
Wednesday, June 27 - 10:30AM-12:30PM
A repeat of this session will be offered from 3:00PM-5:00PM

Collaboration between public health and clinical care began at the dawn of public health history. Over many decades of development in each area, however, wider divisions of labor have occurred. Improving the population health and addressing multiple determinants of health requires new approaches to public health and clinical care collaboration. This session will describe innovative approaches to reconnecting public health and clinical care in new and sustainable ways. Such ways includes: Cost-benefit of prevention, incentivizing prevention through delivery and payment reform, and primary care & public health collaborations.

Presenter Information

Moderator - Lloyd Michener, MD
Professor and Chair
Duke University

Larry Cohen, MSW
Executive Director
Prevention Institute

Allison Gertel-Rosenberg, MS
Senior Advisor and Manager, Office of the Vice President of Policy and Prevention

Barbara Ormond, PhD
Senior Research Associate
The Urban Institute