Successful Advocacy: The How, What and Where

Breakout Session 3002.0
Thursday, June 28 - 8:30AM-10:00AM

Public health professionals can play a critical role in advocating for public health funding in the federal budget process. In this session, leading advocates for public health funding will discuss how the federal budget impacts our state and local public health agencies and nonprofit public health organizations. Speakers will encourage public health professionals at all levels to engage in advocacy in support of strong public health funding. Panelists will also explore the impact of the pending sequester (across-the-board cuts to public health funding) on the future of public health programs. The session will also provide legal guidance on actual and perceived funding restrictions for lobbying and other advocacy activities for nonprofit organizations, including those receiving federal funding.

Presenter Information

Moderator - Nicole Kunko
Cheif of Public Policy

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

Emily Holubowich, MPP
Executive Director
Coalition for Health Funding

Abby Levine, JD
Legal Director of Advocacy Programs
Alliance for Justice

Lora Wier, RN
Teton County Health Department