Midyear Meeting

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APHA Midyear Meetings

In 2011 and 2012, APHA organized Midyear Meetings as a platform to discuss emerging issues and changes associated with the Affordable Care Act. While there is no immediate plan to host another Midyear Meeting, we would like to recognize the important work done at the previous meetings.

2012 Midyear Meeting
June 26-28 | Charlotte, NC

This meeting, titled The New Public Health – Rewiring for the Future, equiped attendees from federal, state, local and tribal agencies and organizations with the educational, policy and advocacy tools needed for keeping up with and anticipating the changes that will be necessary to “rewire” the public health infrastructure in light of the ACA. 

2011 Midyear Meeting
June 23-25 | Chicago

The meeting, titled Implementing Health Reform - A Public Health Approach, looked at the affects of the Affordable Care Act on public health and what progress still needed to be done during a time time when dramatic spending cuts, legal challenges and policy differences threatened to undermine health reform and existing public health programs.