APHA-SA: Advancement Committee

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Advancement Committee is to facilitate the professional development of students interested in public health. In particular, we assist students in the development of professional skills, career decision-making tools, and job search techniques in order to maximize their employment potential. To achieve this mission, we develop and circulate our own professional curriculum, host networking events, and provide unique access to employment opportunities. The Advancement Committee is recognized as APHA-Student Assembly’s primary resource to meet the evolving needs of young professionals in public health.

The Advancement Committee has six subcommittees:

If you are interested in getting involved in any of these subcommittees, contact Kashika Sahay or Daryl Johnson, Advancement Committee co-chairs.


1) Webinar June 9, 2014, "Building your academic portfolio: All the questions you have and were afraid to ask about publishing in peer review."

2) Trong D. Nguyen Memorial Award Call for Nominations
The American Public Health Association Student Assembly is now accepting nominations for the third annual Trong D. Nguyen Memorial Award to recognize the significant leadership contribution of a student in public health or a related field. 
The award consists of a plaque, one-year APHA membership, annual meeting registration, and a $250 stipend for travel and lodging to attend the APHA 142nd Annual Meeting and Exposition, November 15–19, 2014 in New Orleans.
If you are interested in applying, please contact Kashika Sahay or Daryl Johnson at advancement@aphastudents.org as soon as possible to receive application materials. Information about the history of the award is available at http://www.apha.org/membergroups/students/awards/.
Communications Subcommittee

Mission: to increase participation within the committee and evaluate satisfaction of committee members.

Networking Subcommittee

Mission: to encourage, initiate, organize, and promote networking events for public health students. The Networking Subcommittee supports the APHA-SA Advancement Committee mission of facilitating professional development by hosting events that provide public health students with information, resources and networking opportunities as they navigate their career options.

Chair: Marianne Olaniran

Marianne is a Master of Public Health (Global Health Leadership) Candidate at New York University.  Her research interests include the social and behavioral determinants of health, specifically as it affects children and adolescents, and she is obtaining advanced knowledge and skills in this area at The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in New York City. Her current project involves strategies and policies regarding immunization worldwide.

Opportunities Subcommittee

Mission: The Opportunities subcommittee strives to provide an easy reference to job openings that may fit your criteria of what you are looking for.  The subcommittee also offers a way for you to reference jobs that will enable ideas of what qualifications you may need in order to reach future goals. 

Chairs: Lizz Wenzel

Lizz Wenzel: I recently graduated with a degree in Community Health Education and am planning to return to school next fall. My hope is that the Opportunities List is able to bring awareness to the vast diversity within the field of public health and to help others make plans for their individual career paths.

Professional Development Subcommittee

Mission: The mission is two-fold: 1) We want to generate content for the APHA-SA professional development curriculum; 2) we offer an opportunity for writers to hone their skills.

Professional Development Resources:

1. Goal Setting Sets Stage for Greatness

2. Writing/Publishing

3. Academic Development Article

Website  Subcommittee

The website subcommittee develops and maintains APHA-SA’s Advancement Committee webpage with the help of APHA Webpage Committee. Our goal is to regularly update the webpage with current and professional development content including webinars, conferences, career & networking opportunities, post-grad trainings, and fellowships.

Chair: Hung Le

Hung Le is recent graduate from Washington State University, College of Pharmacy in Spokane, WA. He has a passion for learning and using all the acquire knowledge and skills to improve people’s health. Hung is looking forward to working with a public health organization one day such as the World Health Organization or Centers for Disease Control.

Webinar Subcommittee

The purpose of the Webinar subcommittee is to develop, organize and publicize Advancement and Professional Development related webinars for the student assembly.

Chairs: Laureen Cantwell and Cassandra Panal

Laureen Cantwell is an Assistant Professor and Instructional Services Librarian at the University Libraries of the University of Memphis. She’s currently pursuing a Masters of Public Health, just declared her epidemiology concentration this January, and is looking forward to bringing some great webinars to the APHA Student Assembly.

Cassandra Panal is a graduate student at Drexel University. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Public Health with a concentration in Health Management and Policy. She hopes to bring useful and helpful webinars that will deepen and enrich public health matters to the APHA Assembly.

Trong Award Subcommittee

Mission: To publicize and coordinate the selection for the Trong D. Nguyen Memorial Award, which recognizes the significant leadership contribution of a student in public health or a related field.

Chair: Mary Sun

Mary is currently pursuing a dual degree in the life sciences and health at the University of Pennsylvania. Her involvement in the APHA was sparked by her participation in a national epidemiology research competition, through which she studied the effect of gender differences on adolescent depression. She is excited to help recognize outstanding work in the public health field and support the professional mission of the Association.

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